Um novo conceito de jardim ambientalmente consciente


Project "Balancing Act"

BEFORE: A building site begins to transform into a garden.
AFTER: The final result with colour form, and natural balance.

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Natura planned the transformation of this site to complement the house and to ensure all the grounds were used to create areas for both activity and relaxation. The most important challenge was to ensure that the newness balanced with the existing natural surroundings especially where the garden met with the wild grounds beyond.

Terracing was created, with specific planting of everything that has ecological sense; Olive trees, Mediterranean plants, local rocks and stones, and each area in the garden given a specific purpose! The garden now includes a semi-circle of stones that act as a mini auditorium as well as a retaining wall; a biologically balanced lake where fish and wildlife can be seen at close hand, a Jacuzzi that has the features of an old well, a play lawn and pool, secret hideaways and long meandering paths.

Taller trees and shrubs have been strategically placed along long rooflines of the house to break the monotony of the hard concrete addition to the natural landscape. The stone pathways and long stone walls form a character of their own, with detail in places where it matters, and with more relaxed forms where nature takes over.

The division between man’s sculptured landscape, and that of the wild terrain, intermingles as one. A most pleasing aesthetical balance with nature!


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