Um novo conceito de jardim ambientalmente consciente


Project "Great Walls"

BEFORE: The pool and the area around the parking had left a very unsightly high wall.
AFTER: The path and planting takes form. The height and bareness of the pool wall is cleverly hidden from view.

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The olive in its majestic form made a great impact on this project. Natura was faced with the daunting task of hiding and softening large walls of concrete.

The curves and platforms provided by the natural stone walling adds strength to the concrete structure, whilst at the same time creating a stunning backdrop to this hilltop property.

Other areas of the garden were transformed into terrace gardens, named “Restanque” in the Provençal area of France, the Olive trees are framed in little stone trimmed flower ‘boxes’.

Once again, using these “stately symbols”, in conjunction with Mediterranean planting, we can be transported back in time to ages gone past, therefore preserving our future, not only for us, but for our children’s children.


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