Um novo conceito de jardim ambientalmente consciente


Project "Character Forming"

BEFORE: A garden of many levels requiring sensitive landscaping to ensure that each element has a purpose.
AFTER: The final result of carefully staged garden, with the house and main elements of the garden remaining at one level.

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Natura became involved with this project during the construction of the villa. A challenging project that demanded strict attention to the main areas around the house to achieve the largest level area for the pool.

Adjoining areas of the garden were designed to gently amble down and around to intrigue and amuse its visitors. Natural stone walls were used to distract from the height of the terracing, whilst the gently swerving pathways meander around the carefully blended Mediterranean plants, framing the distant views.

Transformed from a simple grass slope, Natura created a whole new character for the garden with charm and beauty, mixing colour and form through the simple use of natural materials and elements. Features, such as the pergolas, draw the eye from the steepness of the descending land, whilst enhancing the views all around.


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