Um novo conceito de jardim ambientalmente consciente


Project "Slippery Slopes"

BEFORE: Preparation of the slope for the waterfall
AFTER: The first running water…

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Water is a valuable resource, and when using it for decorative features, Natura’s aim is to minimise waste and ensure there is always a practical reason for its use.

The levels in this garden were created to ensure reinforcement of the pool that was constructed at the highest point. Unfortunately, this created very steep slope of unstable earth.

Using the natural limestone found on the land a charming riverside walkway was carved into the slope. Climbing gently alongside the stream amongst luscious plants and shrubs, this enables an otherwise inaccessible area of the garden to become a useful and fascinating natural feature.

Pond life is in abundance in this garden, which helps to preserve the natural ecosystem, with wild birds and small animals also benefiting.

Comforted by the knowledge that there is minimum waste of natural resources, the flowing water helps to calm the busy mind and keeps us in tune with nature.


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