Um novo conceito de jardim ambientalmente consciente


Project "2 Baths for 2 Hectares"

BEFORE: The area designated for the extension
AFTER: Shortly after construction the garden helps to create the feeling that the extension has always been there.

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As a result of his strong believes, the founder of Natura, Jean Claude Defrance, set himself the quest of meeting “ the new garden challenge” when he first arrived on the Algarve some 20 years ago. Eventually finding his ideal home, he set about creating a real Mediterranean garden and with the target of using only 6m3 of water (2 baths of water) per week to irrigate two hectares of land! And, no, it’s not impossible!

A skilful combination of typical Mediterranean plants, carefully levelled areas, and by using the shade of the existing “Zambujeiro” Olive trees which capture and reflect the strong rays of the sun, the soil is able to retain the maximum moisture possible. With attention to every detail, the most natural, water efficient garden has been created. Many different levels harmonise as one blending the new with the old, the modern with the traditional.

The stone pathways and the sandy areas also help to reflect the sun and direct the rainfall, when it comes, to the areas that need it most. With sunshine almost constant all through the year on the Algarve, we must remember that we have an essentially a Mediterranean climate, not a tropical climate. It is wise, therefore, to adapt our outside living space to reflect this environment, and take account of the water we use that has a combined affect on the rare resources of the planet on which we live!


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