Um novo conceito de jardim ambientalmente consciente

Garden Design

Designing a garden with Natura means introducing the concepts of good garden planning to achieve the most practical and aesthetically pleasing results, taking account of the natural environment and eliminating unnecessary water consumption wherever possible.

After first contact with Natura and a visit to the garden or site, a plan is prepared to show how the transformation, whether big or small, will be carried out. Using hand sketched layouts and computer generated plans for every element - such as irrigation, lighting, levelling, planting and unusual features - our multi-lingual staff can explain the works required and agree the desired final effect with the client.

An estimate is prepared detailing every plant that will be introduced; the cost of saving and transplanting certain plants where required, and the cost of labour, machinery and extra materials.

To present ideas and estimates, a nominal fee is made for complex projects requiring detailed architectural expertise from our in-house designers. For smaller projects, our qualified gardeners can provide free preliminary quotes.

A typical project would include the following stages:

Stage 1: A visit to the site of the project: This is an example of a project to transform a large open garden with unsightly neighbouring buildings.

Stage 2: Discussions with the client to achieve the desired effect, and presentation of preliminary sketches.

Stage 3: Preparation of computer generated layouts. Separate drawings are prepared for each element of works and a fully detailed estimate is presented with the designs.

Stage 4: The project becomes reality!

Please see the different picture galleries relating to specific types of garden projects.


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