Um novo conceito de jardim ambientalmente consciente


Project "Curse of the Lawn"

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Natura changed the face of this garden completely. The lawn, which had dominated the garden of this house, had become a barren area, lacking in interest and costing its owner a small fortune to irrigate and mow regularly to keep its manicured look.

Now the lawn and poorly located palm has been transformed into a more exciting environment for humans and natural habitat alike, and the garden is no longer a desert island, but an oasis of pleasure!

The colour, forms and shaded areas entice visitors, as well as the owners themselves, to actually venture out to enjoy he aromas, viewpoints and meandering pathways, as well as the many secret places to play or relax.

The true beauty is found in the ambience the garden creates as an extension to the personality of the house.

The cost, damage and expense to the environment has been cut by 75% in water, chemical and maintenance budgets. Few would disagree that this project is ‘perfect’ for this landscape!


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